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LG 34UC97 Curved LED Monitor: Australian Review - Gizmodo Australia

1080p is so yesterday. More and more, 1440p and higher-resolution monitors are starting to become the norm, especially at larger screen sizes. There's no doubt that 4K is the future, but it requires a fair bit of graphical power for smooth frame rates....

LCD Vs LED, Which one is better? - PC Tech Magazine

Technically speaking, an LED TV is also an LCD TV, as the screen on both is a liquid crystal display. An LCD display has two layers of glass that are polarized and joined together, the liquid crystals then pass or block the light to display the ...

Missouri Governor Asks For National Guard Reinforcements After Riots - Newsweek

Attorneys for the family of Michael Brown, the 18-year-old who was shot to death by officer Darren Wilson in August, condemned the grand jury process that led to Monday's decision not to bring criminal charges against the officer. About a dozen ...

Here's The Google Ad Taking Over The New Mega Screen On Times Square - Business

25, Google becomes the inaugural advertiser on the screen, which runs nearly a length of a football field from 45th to 46th Street along Broadway, and is eight stories tall. The display is made up of 24 million pixels and it is the highest resolution ...

Big screen TV Black Friday deals - WPTV

Let's face it, technology rules on Black Friday. And, one of the top tech toys this and every season shoppers want to get their hands on is a big screen, high definition television. But, instead of wasting hours searching for the best deals, Consumer ...

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